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Life Casting Silicone

Life casting silicone is great to make artificial limbs products such as duplicating of artificial limbs, hands, fingers, feet, other human organs, sexy dolls, sexy toys, body double products like reproducing a full body from head to toe or a torso from face to mid-section for making special effects of films, and mask products for Hollywood movies, etc. With platinum cured, it is environmental friendly, odorless and nontoxic. Also, it has soft hardness, excellent tension and tear strength and resilience.

Silicone Encapsulates & Potting Compounds

Electronic potting compound silicone is mainly applied for the surface of poly-carbonate, PP, ABS, PVC, metal, etc. It is suitable for the electronic moisture-proof and waterproof fixing.

It is also applicable to sealing, bonding and coating LED for electronic parts and solar cell encapsulation.

Tin Cure Silicone Rubber

Tin cure silicone rubber (also condensation silicone rubber) is generally named as two-parts silicone rubber that is vulcanized at room temperature, and used for model designing work of all kinds of products with simple or intricate patterns, such as artificial stones, craft stones, gypsum crafts, GRC/GFRC, GRG, fireplaces, fountains, ornaments, resin crafts, resin marble works, shoe soles, Art sculptures, decorations, candles, soaps, PU, furniture moldings, etc. With good resistance to deformation, heat, acid, alkali and expansion, finished silicone molds have very good performance in reproduction process and every fine detail on designing models.

Platinum Cured Silicone Rubber

Platinum cured silicone (also addition cured silicone) is a two part liquid silicone, which belongs to food-grade silicone, can be cured at room temperature, and mainly used for mold making of food-grade molds, jewelry casting, tire molding, rapid prototyping, vacuum foaming. It also suits any condensation silicone’s application for molding, etc. With appropriate hardness, good tensile and tear strength, and excellent resistance to deformation, finished silicone molds have not only a durable life but also good performance.