We are the distributor of Umicore Plating Chemical. We sell plating chemical for precious metals in high quality jewelry industry; silver, gold 18k  22k  24k, Platinum, brass, zinc, copper, bronze, etc. We also provide special technical know-how from our chemical specialists and check the plating thickness. Plating chemical types can be prepared according to our customers ' requirements


Gold Iron Indium Electrolyte

AURUNA® 215 is a colour gold alloy electrolyte for decorative applications, preferably for parts coming into contact with the skin such as jewellery and watches. The essential advantage of the coatings is their freedom from nickel and cobalt, excluding skin allergies caused by these metals.

The weakly acidic gold electrolyte is easy to operate and suitable for rack and barrel, it works very colour-constant. Across a wide operating range, the coating colour (1N - 2N) is independent of pH-value and current density. By adding indium, a uniform colour is achieved.


 Gold Cobalt Electrolyte

AURUNA® 311 is a strongly acidic alloy electrolyte for the adhesive direct gold-plating of stainless steel. It is preferably used for chromium-nickel steels, molybdenum steels and nickelbased alloys difficult to activate. Due to its strong activation effect, the electrolyte can be often successfully used as well for other passive materials difficult to plate.

The gold electrolyte is suitable for both strike gold layers and thick coatings in the decorative field. The coatings are ductile, low in pores and protect against corrosion. The alloy electrolyte can be used for rack and barrel operation

as well as in continuous lines (e.g. spray and dip cells and brush).


Rose Gold Electrolyte

AURUNA® 502 is a neutral, cadmium-free gold copper electrolyte working without free cyanide. The red surfaces are bright, very hard and abrasion-resistant.

AURUNA® 502 is mainly used for decorative coatings, but it is suitable for technical applications such as slip rings as well. As gold-saving, low-carat layers, the surface exhibits very good corrosion and tarnish resistance.

The gold copper electrolyte can be used for rack and barrel plating,it can deposit layers of up to max. 10 μm in thickness.


 Gold Iron Electrolyte

AURUNA® 5300 is a hard gold electrolyte free of nickel and cobalt with high plating speed for decorative and technical applications. The weakly acidic electrolyte for depositing yellow, bright hard gold coatings exhibits good corrosion and abrasion resistance. Its contact resistance is low and long-term stable. Metallic contaminants can be easily precipitated.

The hard gold electrolyte can be used for rack and barrel operation. It is especially suitable for jewellery since the coatings are free of nickel and cobalt.


Gold Silver Electrolyte

AURUNA® 570 is an alkaline-cyanide alloy electrolyte for depositing green-yellow gold coatings. The gold-silver alloy has a fineness of approx. 18 carats. The coatings are gold-saving, they are bright even as thick layers. For thin layers, a variant with a low gold content is available (AURUNA® 570 LC).

The long-term stable AURUNA® 570 electrolyte is easy to operate and suitable for rack and barrel. It is used for decorative applications.


Pure Palladium Electrolyte

PALLUNA® 458 is a neutral pure palladium electrolyte (pH-value 7.0) without free ammonia. It deposits bright, light white coatings low in pores.

Compared to previous palladium electrolytes, the process is characterized by a considerably higher tolerance to contamination with cyanide.

Due to its excellent throwing power, expensive precious metal can be saved.

PALLUNA® 458 is suitable for decorative and technical applications, for rack and barrel operation.


Platinum Ruthenium Electrolyte

PLATUNA® Alloy 1 is used for depositing smooth, ultra-bright and extraordinarily abrasion-resistant platinum-ruthenium alloy coatings. The acidic electrolyte is used for decorative applications and guarantees light, white layers - crack-free up to 1 μm.

PLATUNA® Alloy 1 works across a wide operating range and reaches an excellent covering speed. It is used for rack operation.


Copper-Tin-(Zinc-) Electrolytes

MIRALLOY® has been offering nickel-free plating for the connector, clothing and fashion jewellery industries for more than 30 years. You can benefit from

our experience and the ongoing development of our product range. The trademark MIRALLOY® comes from the English words “mirror“ and “alloy“.

It refers to the Bronze Age, when copper and tin were used to make mirrored alloys.

MIRALLOY® denotes electroplating processes for the deposition of alloy coatings of copper and tin or of copper, tin and zinc. Depending on the electrolyte used, white or yellow layers can be deposited. You can choose electrolytes for rack and barrel plating from the wide range of MIRALLOY® processes available.