Refinery | Gold Recycling System Tumbler TB

Gold Recycling System Tumbler TB

The dissolving tank angled at 30 ° rotates. This realises an excellent mixing process with the precious metal granules continually grinding against each other. This process serves to re- move the silver chloride from the surface and then  nally dissolve it.

  • Compact, space-saving, modular recycling series
  • Capacity: 7 – 120 kg precious metal within 8 hours.
  • Easily extendable through modular design.
  • Heating is not required.
  • Condenser in SCHOTT glass.
  • Dissolving medium aqua regia (HNO3 + HCL).
  • The complete unit is located under an exhaust hood and in a drain tray.
  • Acids and solvents are not conveyed through pressing but by suction (vacuum)