Polishing Machine | ZD Vibration Series

Polishing machine are widely used for burring, chamfering and finish polishing of the jewelry, glass, watch, clock, electronic components, knitting needle and precision hardware. It replaces the low efficiency traditional hand process, achieve batch and automatic production.

ZD Vibration Series

The ZD15 vibration polishing machine is the new machine which made many improvements on the basis of the old series. It has advantages such as high efficiency for the vibration working, gentle processing and amplitude uniform. The machine applied in debarring, removing surface, polishing of jewelry, watches, glasses, electronic components and so on.

Feature :
1. Grinding barrel is made of DuPont polyurethane (PU)
2. Adopt the Netherlands VIMARC efficient vibration motor
3. Natural rubber vibration spring, fatigue-resistant
4. Equip with AM frequency, time controller. Easy to operate
5. Low noise and no pollution