Polishing Machine | BP Dry Barrel Series

Polishing machine are widely used for burring, chamfering and finish polishing of the jewelry, glass, watch, clock, electronic components, knitting needle and precision hardware. It replaces the low efficiency traditional hand process, achieve batch and automatic production.

BP Dry Barrel Series

This machine applied in smoothing and mirror polishing jewelry, watch, plastic and electronic components.


  1. The effect is the same with cloth wheel. Polish the place the wheel hard reach.
  2. Frequency converter, turning timer, operation steadily, uniform finish.
  3. Improve efficiency by screen and discharge door, convenient to operate.
  4. Double barrel, can do fine polishing and the finest polishing simultaneously.
  5. Vent holes assure that appropriate temperature in the barrel.
  6. Easy operate, can run for 24hours one day.