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Industrial centrifuges and machinery for degreasing, drying, and impregnation; automatic systems for superficial treatment; washing and coating systems; and other specific devices for the industry.

Drying Equipment

Centrifugal Dryer

MOD. 360

These machines are constituted by a basket containing the material to be treated which rotating at high rpm within a stem allows the drying of the material contained within. They can be equipped with fans and electrical resistances for rottener a hot air recirculation in order to speed up and improve the drying process.

MOD. 270/360/480

Made of stainless steel with self- balancing basket for drying and de-oiling of small metal.

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Cranes for lifting baskets MOD. 480/550/660/800/950

Centrifugal dryers with cranes for lifting baskets.

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