HYDROGEN Gas Generator for Jewelry | Hydroflame SL series

Hydrogen Gas Generator from water is an onsite industrial machine that uses electricity to produce pure hydrogen and oxygen gas from water. This mixed gas can be used as fuel, to provide clean hot burning neutral micro-flame, with temperatures up to 3000 ํC. This gas is applicable with all types of metal; gold, silver, platinum, brass, copper, tin, zinc etc. The reducing of heavy oxidation and residue on parts improves the process of cleaning and increases quality.

Hydroflame SL series

Hydroflame onsite hydrogen generator is a safe and cost-effective technology to product pure Hydrogen and Oxygen from water for industrial application; materials processing, heat treatment and brazing.

With flame temperature up to 3000 ํC Oxy-Hydrogen is perfect for all types of metal: platinum, gold, silver, copper, brass and acrylic.

Our compact system is easy to install and require minimal maintenance.


Hydroflame Features and Advantages+

  1. Cost effective H2 & O2 supply - rapid payback.
  2. Increased safety - minimized explosive gas storage.
  3. Fully automatic - unattended operation.
  4. Communication display - data logger & alarm.
  5. Low maintenance - only water & electricity.
  6. Fast and easy installation - onsite & compact.
Concept of Electrolysis Cell: Splitting water with electricity to produce hydrogen and oxygen

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Hydrogen Application


Acrylic Polishing



Wire Soldering