The greatest advantage of ozonisation is that it produces no by-products. In water, ozone breaks down into oxygen again with a half-life of a few minutes. In potable water disinfection it is mainly used when oxidation is desired in addition to disinfection, allowing inorganic substances such as iron and manganese to be easily removed.

Ozone – Environmentally Friendly Technology

Ozone is the triatomic state of oxygen that its molecule comprises three oxygen atoms. It is an allotrope of oxygen that is unstable. Ozone is one of the most powerful commercially available oxidizing agents. It is commonly used for water and air treatment over a century. When ozone is used, the final byproduct is oxygen, which is an environmentally friendly gas. It is novel technology for better environment.

Natural ozone is produced by UV radiation from sunlight. In addition, industrial ozone is usually generated by electrical discharge producing ozone concentration as high as 300 g/Nm3. It is suitable for all of ozone applications.

Ozone System OZONFILT

Maximum operational safety and minimized operating costs are guaranteed when using the zero-maintenance ozone generator to generate up to 735 g/h ozone from compressed air or oxygen.

Ozone System OZONFILT

The OZONFILT OZVa is high-performance and compact. For efficient ozone generation in the medium output range of up to 90 g/h from compressed air or oxygen.

System Solution OZONFILT
Compact OMVa

The OZONFILT Compact OMVa is a complete, ready-to-use ozone system solution for the generation and metering of ozone.

The components are perfectly coordinated to each other.

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Ozone Application

Cooling Water Treatment

Disinfection of Potable Water

(Pre-)Oxidation of Potable Water

Improved water quality in public swimming pools through the use of UV and ozone

Waste Water Treatment

Water Treatment and Water Disinfection

Utility Water Treatment