LM Polishing Media | Sfere – Aghi – Tronchetti – Satelliti

Series abrasive stone according to international abrasives and abrasive products standard, have more 200 kinds of polishing media different from material, shape function and size have developed than special based on practical applications. All products are pollution-free. We also made specification depend on customer's requirement.

Sfere – Aghi – Tronchetti - Satelliti

Inox aisi 420 / aisi 304

Products for wet-shining process in tumble and vibrator.

- Used with water.

- Shining process with Powder SSP or Shampoo PNG super shine.

- The steel balls need to be cleaning daily with.

- The stainless steel balls oxidize and transfer a dark color during process.

- The steel balls may have an "orange peel" effect if pieces are left too long in vibrator.

- The steel balls don't wear and have a very long life.

- The steel balls are magnetic, therefore they can be picked up with a magnet.

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