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Industrial centrifuges and machinery for degreasing, drying, and impregnation; automatic systems for superficial treatment; washing and coating systems; and other specific devices for the industry.

Zappon Painting


MOD. 480

The centrifuges for spray painting are suitable for all types of surface treatment of small, from lacquering of buttons to buckles and any other element that requires the transparent painting sur- face. Processing operations are simple and fast. The material is loaded into the basket to bulk, with a considerable saving of time because there is no need to further manipulate the pieces. They can be are placed in automatic lines and combined with centrifuges for drying with hot air with temperatures of 120 °-140 °. In this case the material to be treated is introduced into the line and made the nal rounds.

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Paint spray systems


NEW small parts painting system. HIGH quality over quantity GREAT! An automatic system that allows the coating treatment with the automatic loading and unloading of the material in special containers.


ZAPPON-SPINNING MOD. 360/480/550/660/800

The zappon-centrifuges are mainly suitable for the impregnation of metal parts loaded in bulk in baskets, for varnishing of buttons and buckles lacquers. Primer for zinc lamellar of various types, sealing and oiling of the Post-galvanic material. These machines are manufactured in two versions, with internal and with external bath tub. From needs to keep in mind that where the material must be tilted and tilted the appropriate version is the Zappon-centrifuge with the outer tub. In addition, the Zappon-centrifuges can be manual or under automatic plants.

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The Rotary painting machine are given mainly for the impregnation of small metal loaded in bulk in baskets, in lacquers for painting of buttons and buckles. Impregnation of zinc ake of various types, sealing and oiling of the material Post-plating. These machines are available in two versions, with internal tank and external tank.

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